F = Fiction | NF = Non Fiction 

My Uterus Needs to Go to Rehab, Ask Me About My Uterus, (Medium), 2017, (NF)
She Said, He Said: Who Do You Believe? Notes on Rape Culture, (Medium), 2017, (NF)
What Happened Cairo, Illinois?, Timeline, 2017 (NF)
It Is Finished, Catapult Community, 2017, (F)
Room 408: That’s Where You Died, Catapult Community, 2017, (NF)
Missing: The Night He Did Not Come Home, Catapult Community, 2017, (NF)
Shit Gets Real: Bipolar’s Bad Days, Invisible Illness (Medium), 2017, (NF)
The Ecology of Social Media, (Medium), 2017, (NF)
Dirty Little Secret, (Unlisted, Medium), 2016, (NF)


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