F = Fiction | NF = Non Fiction 

On Language and Mental Illness, Wear Your Voice Magazine, 2017 (NF)
My Uterus Needs to Go to Rehab, Ask Me About My Uterus, (Medium), 2017, (NF)
She Said, He Said: Who Do You Believe? Notes on Rape Culture, (Medium), 2017, (NF)
What Happened Cairo, Illinois?, Timeline, 2017 (NF)
It Is Finished, Catapult Community, 2017, (F)
Room 408: That’s Where You Died, Catapult Community, 2017, (NF)
Shit Gets Real: Bipolar’s Bad Days, Invisible Illness (Medium), 2017, (NF)
The Ecology of Social Media, (Medium), 2017, (NF)
Dirty Little Secret, (Unlisted, Medium), 2016, (NF)


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