Aftershocks of Grief

  I could hear his heart breaking. I believe we all heard it. It sounded like shattering, splintering glass. It smashed like sound does, leaving us all mute. Leaving us all breathless. I collected myself in a tiny space of thought, struggling hard against the gravitational pull of that dark and strange world known as... Continue Reading →


  A giant, savage and pounding ache gnawed at her from the inside, exploding and scattering its poison like a perforated viscus. Sobbing violently, she sat on the edge of the bathtub, watching the steam rise from the blistering hot water filling the tub. Once she filled the tub to within a few inches of... Continue Reading →

More Than

  “Can I stay?” she asked him in a quiet, sleepy voice. “No.” And with that simple word, he crushed her already suffering spirit. It took only a hair-trigger force to open that locked and secret place inside her mind where pain and agony were her constant companions. His standoffishness wounded her and for several... Continue Reading →


  People are just layers and layers of secrets and he can see mine, I feel it. His eyes scour me, peeling away layer after layer and searching each one. I look into his steel-coloured eyes. I see nothing there. They’ve turned to glass. I feel my heartbeat everywhere and it has a thin, papery... Continue Reading →

Objects In the Mirror

"Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear," she whispered to herself as the wet road whipped passed and the urban panorama flashed and flickered like scenes from a vintage film. The world seemed to have cast itself in black and white today with very mundane shades of gray in between. The words "closing time"... Continue Reading →


  I stood on the street, watching tiny cracks in the window glass spread out like fingers. I stood on the street, watching this web etch itself. I stood on the street, rooted to that one spot of ground. I could hear the wind whisper secrets in an unfamiliar language. I strained to hear, as though... Continue Reading →

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